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Tips on Packing and Boxes for Moving

Moving to a new house or apartment can be a stressful and daunting task. But, if you plan carefully and pack your items strategically, it can be much easier. To help you get started, we have put together some tips for packing and boxes for moving.

The first step to packing is to gather all of your supplies. This includes boxes of various sizes, tape, bubble wrap and packing material such as newsprint or tissue paper. You will also need markers to label your boxes so you know what is in each one.

Once you have gathered your supplies, start by sorting through your belongings and deciding which items should be packed now and which ones can wait until closer to the move date. It's best to start with non-essential items like books, decorations, or out-of-season clothes. Pack these items in smaller boxes so they are not too heavy to move around.

How to Choose the Right Size Boxes for Your Move

When it comes to choosing the right size box for your move, it's important to think about what type of items you will be storing in each box. If you need to store fragile items like dishes, make sure the box is sturdy enough to protect them from breakage during transport. For lighter items like pillows or stuffed animals, smaller boxes may be more appropriate since they will be easier to carry.

It is also important to remember that large boxes should always remain upright during a move - never try to stack them too high as they could become unstable or dangerous. Make sure the box label is visible and clearly indicate which way is up if stacking multiple boxes of the same size together. The last thing you want is for the bottom boxes crushing the ones above them!

Labeling Your Boxes

Once all of your belongings have been boxed up, labeling becomes an important part of any successful move. It's a good idea to use a system that allows you to easily identify where each box belongs once it reaches its destination because unpacking can become quite chaotic if you don't know where everything should go! One idea is to color code boxes according to room (i.e., blue=kitchen; green=livingroom) or label them with the names of rooms (i.e., kitchen; bedroom). Additionally, writing a brief description of contents on the outside can help ensure that nothing gets lost during transit - just make sure not to include personal information or valuables on labels! Lastly, if you have Storage Kennington taking care of your move make sure they are aware of any special instructions regarding fragile items or specific placement requirements beforehand so there are no surprises when it comes time for delivery!

Perfect Prices on Storage Kennington Services in SE1

Call our professionals today to receive a smooth and easy storage Kennington service and you are guaranteed that your belongings are in a safe place.

Storage Unit Size Per Week Per Month 3 Months 6 Months
1x 35 sq ft unit £15 £60 £180 £360
2x 35 sq ft units £30 £120 £360 £720

*All prices are subject to VAT at 20%.

–°lients Say

Sam B.


As first-time users of storage facilities, we were apprehensive but Kennington Storage Space put us at ease with their exceptional service. Highly recommended.

Alastair K.


The atmosphere when you walk into this safe storage unit is one of being completely organized and free from any moisture whatsoever; the ideal place for your belongings' safety.

F. Fox


Recently utilizing Kennington Secure Storage, I found the entirety of my experience to be notably exceptional. Highly cost-effective and generous storage capability.

L. Boland


In terms of self-storage at great prices, you can't go wrong storing with Kennington Secure Storage. I was able to rent out a rather sizable space for what I deemed to be, especially when comparing them to others, at a very decent price.

Angela Wyatt


Superb management! Cheerful, well-mannered and supported me and my peers as we got close to closing time. Storage space flawless and all the apparatus we needed to unload present. Could not have wished for a better experience. Appreciate it, your help was really esteemed.

J. Rudd


Execution of prep work was relatively straightforward and extremely beneficial due to how helpful everyone was being. Team showed up exactly when expected which gave us plenty of time to pack everything away properly, move went off smoothly; definitely stretching out this recommendation further than just me mates!

Rory Austin


I've been using this self storage for ages and it's always been nothing short of wonderful! On top of that, no one can compete with Kennington Storage Space's unbeatable rate in this region.

Alicia Smith


Needing to store a bunch of furniture, StorageKennington provided the perfect solution with great priced storage units. They are extraordinary! If you are on the lookout for self-storage, definitely give them a call - you won't regret it!

Angie M.


During my 2 year tenure as a tenant at Kennington Storage Box, I must say it's been perfect - absolutely no issues at all! The staff are super helpful every time I need something, topped off with having convenient 24 hours access included in the package - you couldn't possibly wish for more really!

K. Jarvis


After all that's involved in moving home, finding safe and secure storage needs were done quickly and efficiently thanks to StorageKennington, making managing everything much easier - I can confidently recommend them!

Contact Information

Company name: Storage KenningtonLtd.
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 07:00-00:00
Street address: 45 Durham St, Kennington
Postal code: SE11 5JH
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Latitude: 51.4859340 Longitude: -0.1186020
E-mail: [email protected]
Description: Safe storage unit or extra storage container you can easily book in our firm that specializes in mobile storage services in Vauxhall, Bankside, Kennington, Southwark, Royal Courts of Justice, Bermondsey, South Bank, Lincoln's Inn Fields, Drury Lane, etc.
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